The Key to Long-Term Fitness Succes

//The Key to Long-Term Fitness Succes

The Key to Long-Term Fitness Succes

Hello Everyone, bear with me as this is the first ever blog.  That being said, I really want to make this one big and eye-opening! I have been in the fitness “realm” for seven years now. Over those seven years, I have learned a lot!  I have seen people get frustrated with a lack of results or weight gain, but I’ve also seen people getting great results and getting stronger, leaner and fitter.

By paying close attention to the habits of the “successful” gym goers vs the “not-so-successful” I’ve found the one key thing that seems to make the biggest difference.

The key to what you want out of your fitness isn’t the sexy quick-fix you might think it is. It’s really just this one key practice: consistency.

Yes, that’s right. It’s not about any rapid transformation or secret diet but it’s about doing these little things that are just a bit healthier really consistently. This isn’t to say any of us has to be perfect all the time. But the truth is, staying consistent is something most of us who have been “stuck” had to fix before we could improve. This realization started when I was in high school.

See, even back then, I was super interested in fitness. At that time I noticed health magazines of really ripped men and women. The first thing that came to my mind was that they were on steroids or it was genetics. I mean, I worked HARD and I didn’t look like any of those people. I had tried all kinds of different programs. But, what I did right there was make an excuse about why that is not me. I tried to discredit all of them for their hard work.  We all have done this at some point, or at least thought it, and maybe even said something about it to a family member or friend at some point.

When you want to improve so much that you’re willing to consider what’s truly possible, you start to see the real reasons why others might have been successful. For me this led to recognizing they not only worked hard but more importantly, they just kept putting in this effort consistently for an amount of time many of us probably haven’t considered. Forever. These folks figuratively and literally ate fitness for breakfast. See, it’s a lifestyle that creates optimal fitness. Drop the fad diets such as keto, Atkins, and “no carb” and try making a lifestyle change.  People often turn to drastic diets because they want the fast fix. When the simplest fix is to seriously change their lifestyle. I’ve learned and now teach that if you have made three, four, or even ten years of bad choices it will take some time to fix this, maybe the same amount of time.

“Rome was not built in a day, and neither were we.” (cheesy I know, but it could not be truer.)  

Now, as an OPEX coach, I have a roster of athletes who all have a different goal in life.  I always let my clients know that perfection is NOT the answer, but healthy consistent choices are the way to go.  Many of us will get burnt out trying to be perfect. Even though I am 22-years old, I have tried the fitness perfection thing, the hard-core training methods routes and I found they left me burnt out and annoyed with fitness.  This was not like me because I truly love what fitness has provided me in life. With OPEX I found a SUSTAINABLE method to continue to make PROGRESS over time. One that anyone can learn and implement for real-life results. It all starts with recognizing there are changes you want to make and that if you want to keep improving you’ll need to embrace the lifestyle and be open to some new ideas. I know, consistency might not be totally “new” but it is so drowned out by current fitness culture it might seem like a new concept. I assure you it is the key to improved lifestyle, health, and fitness.

Coach: Dylan Lach, OPEX Saint Cloud