Happy New Year! 2019 is upon us.

For many of us, it’s a great time of year to reflect on the previous year’s milestones, take stock of what we’ve accomplished, where we came up short and perhaps most importantly, what we will resolve to do going forward.

Yes, I used THAT word. Resolve.

It seems the idea of making a resolution or two around the new year has become so cliche and meaningless that thoughts of New Year’s resolutions now lead the majority of us straight into a state of eye-rolling and chuckling.

WHY? Because, as we’ve all experienced, New Year’s resolutions seldom stand the test of time, distractions and pressure from other sources that are higher on our list of priorities. So, rather than wasting their breath telling everyone the great things they intend to accomplish in the coming year, many people allow those hopes and dreams to die on a shelf somewhere in the dusty old storage closets of their mind. What a damn shame.

I propose we bring back the New Year’s Resolution. Make it your rallying point. Something to start the new year with some real focus.

And something you actually RESOLVE to do.

So, how will you avoid the pitfalls of the billions of failed new year’s resolutions of the past?

As it turns out, much has been learned about how to make and keep goals. From great books like Simon Sinek’s Start With Why to dozens of great (and some not so great) books teaching the techniques of S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting, there is an endless supply of information out there to guarantee you apply only the very best goal setting techniques. So there’s only one problem with all this. No matter which tactics you choose, it seems like the best-laid plans, even with the best intentions and best tactics seem to always disintegrate, and we fall back to our same-old-same-old habits. It must be bullshit or you’d be doing this already. RIGHT!?

Maybe there is something deeper. Maybe there’s something you actually missed along the way. I mean, some people out there do actually achieve their biggest goals. Maybe achieving your biggest, hairiest, most audacious goal (Collins), isn’t about finding that ONE strategy that is going to unlock your potential. It isn’t about finding the hack, quick-tip, or trick that is going to make it all easy. Oh, and since it’s going to be 2019… Maybe it’s not about posting it on social media so your “friends” can hold you accountable. (hint: they won’t). Saying it louder might increase your temporary resolve, but it won’t make you stay the course.

What stopped you from achieving your previous resolutions? What stands in the way of you making the changes you want to make and sticking to them for the long-term. I believe the problem is natural. It’s what a scientist might call entropy. Websters defines this as “the degradation of the matter and energy in the universe to an ultimate state of inert uniformity.” Sounding familiar??

So what should we do to avoid resolution entropy?

Here’s an idea. Try getting a COACH.

Getting a coach might seem on the surface unnecessary in this age of infinite information. It’s true, all the information you could possibly need to accomplish nearly any goal that you can imagine is out there. Which leads us to the obvious truth: in 2019 information is almost NEVER going to be the problem. OK, actually it could be the problem by working in the reverse. Too much information can freeze you in your tracks on the way to accomplishing those things you resolve to do in the coming year. A great coach who is trained and experienced in the area you want to improve will do the following:

  • Help you gain clarity – A great coach will ask the right questions to find out what is really driving you to want to accomplish any goal.
  • Save you time – By providing only the information that is relevant to what you resolved to accomplish.
  • Hold you accountable – Accountability ISN’T always punishment as many view it. Sometimes it’s just a friendly reminder. A “What’s up?”
  • Get you back on track – There will be days in the quest to accomplish ANYTHING that are as I like to say, “Sub-optimal”. That’s when most people give up.

Having someone to help you wipe the slate clean and start walking in the right direction again is an invaluable resource to anyone trying to accomplish big things.

At OPEX Saint Cloud and a growing network of OPEX Gyms around the world, we provide coaching in the areas of nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle. Personal coaching to help you continue to resist entropy of your life’s goals on a daily basis. We start with your body, then your movement in and out of the gym, and finally the work you need to do to take care of your family, friends, and career. Just like more information can’t do that for you, neither can new workout clothes, a new gym or another workout program or diet book.

We help you stay the course and turn your resolutions into realities.

As we head into a new year. Go ahead, resolve to be great! Resist the natural tendency for those goals and resolutions to fall apart by finding the right coach to support you along the way. They’ll be able to help you adapt as situations arise and keep you moving forward. Resolve to discover, achieve and LIVE your potential this new year. Resolve to live a larger life and don’t let anything get in your way!

Coach Ryan Avery

OPEX Saint Cloud

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