Why 90 Minutes?

In a fitness culture where the majority of people want a quick fix, at OPEX Saint Cloud we’ve chosen to go against the grain. Or more accurately, you could say we’ve brought things back towards the center, and in my humble opinion, found the sweet spot. A decade or more ago, I would work out

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More Than Sweat

-OPEX Gyms Blog Fitness Is More Than Sweat Fitness is in the eyes of the beholder. All that really means is that your experience with fitness is different than everybody else’s. But, what is consistent across the board is that people do fitness for a reason. When you understand that reason, you will find great

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7 Effective Ways to Make Time for Exercise and Nutrition

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “I just don’t have time” when it comes to fitness and exercise? As a an OPEX CCP and Precision Nutrition Certified Coach I get to help clients work through issues like time management, sleep and nutrition that often get in the way of making fitness gains. My team of

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Discover Your True Potential

You’ve got goals. Serious goals. There are things that you want to accomplish and achieve in your life that will no doubt serve as milestones of your progress. If you are like most people, you’ve probably got goals for your career, your family, your vacations, your bank account and most definitely, goals for your fitness.

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WHO ARE WE AND WHY ARE WE HERE? People who want to live larger lives deserve a place where their passions and goals are supported every day.  It isn’t enough for a gym to say they’re great.  The gym needs to prove it day in and day out through their client’s long-term results and happiness. 

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OPEX Experience

We Believe Everyone Can Live a Larger Life Through Better Fitness Fitness is personal – People start working out to look better, feel better, have more energy, or just to get healthier in order to live a longer, happier life. We believe fitness can help improve all these things as well as provide an avenue

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