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February 2018

Endurance Running Workshop


Ready to take the next step? Click the link to improve your running! Click Here Improve Your Running | Keep Your Strength Register for the OPEX Saint Cloud Running Workshop This Workshop will help improve your running mechanics, efficiency and ENDURANCE. Are you ready to improve your running? OPEX Gain + OPEX Sustain + [...]

Endurance Running Workshop2018-07-29T09:42:59+00:00

Athlete Training Summit


Ready to step up to the podium? Click the link to save your spot! Click Here The OPEX Saint Cloud Athlete Training Summit is for anyone looking to compete in the Sport of fitness, at any level.   Event Description: This two-day event is designed to provide a training environment that will create growth both physically and [...]

Athlete Training Summit2018-07-24T08:16:30+00:00

Olympic Lifting Workshop


Ready to Improve Your Olympic Lifts? Snatch a spot by clicking the link! Register Here This workshop will make you a better Weightlifter. Are you struggling to master the snatch or clean and jerk? Are you still trying to figure out what they are? Do you want to improve your Olympic Lifting to compete in [...]

Olympic Lifting Workshop2018-07-24T08:16:42+00:00

January 2018

Instructor Training Program


Do you love Fitness? Do you enjoy working with people from all walks of life that WANT to improve themselves? Would you feel awesome knowing you made someone a better athlete, parent, role model, spouse, employee, boss or simply a more functional human? If you answered YES to all three of these questions you’ve got [...]

Instructor Training Program2018-07-24T08:17:10+00:00

Fueling For Fitness Duluth


Register Now for the Fueling for Fitness Event Test + Learn + Implement + Retest Click Here Optimizing Nutrition: The Next Level. Do you know where your numbers are at when it comes to body composition? Most fitness enthusiasts want to get the most out of their time in the gym, gain optimal body composition [...]

Fueling For Fitness Duluth2018-07-24T08:17:16+00:00

November 2017

How Does an OPEX Gym Work?

2018-07-24T08:17:23+00:00 One to One Support To Succeed In and Out of the Gym When you walk into an OPEX facility, you immediately understand that your best interests are aligned with your coach’s as well as the Gym’s owner(s).  Their success depends entirely on your success, both short and long-term.  They will work with you [...]

How Does an OPEX Gym Work?2018-07-24T08:17:23+00:00

Where is the Fitness Industry Going?


In much of the world’s history, fitness as a trend or business didn’t exist. Hundreds of years ago, fitness was mainly a byproduct of soldiers training for battle. Fast forward a hundred years ago to where pockets of the world were interested in gymnastics and strongman fitness as forms of athleticism and entertainment. Fast-forward [...]

Where is the Fitness Industry Going?2018-09-16T15:27:51+00:00

Nutrition: Simple = Successful


Some things are getting easier with technology and social media, but some are also getting considerably more confusing as we get served more and more cheap information from so-called “experts.” Nutrition falls squarely into this category of confusion. Macros this, calories that, detox this, juice cleanse that: what in the world are you supposed [...]

Nutrition: Simple = Successful2018-09-16T15:17:44+00:00

Who Are You…At Your Core?


We are being systematically reprogrammed to expect more and more from ourselves. Bombarded by social media of “success” from “influencers.” We’re being brainwashed into behavior that puts our eyes back on social media, notifications, and the “bizarro world.” The unfortunate part of this psychological attack is that it’s working. Are you measuring your success [...]

Who Are You…At Your Core?2018-09-16T15:05:28+00:00

How Can Fitness Help Your Career?


Many of us find deep meaning in our work. We value the time that we spend learning, growing, and helping build our companies. That said, while we love fitness, when we search within, we realize that fitness isn’t our top priority. Is that wrong? NOT AT ALL! Fitness is meant to be the medium [...]

How Can Fitness Help Your Career?2018-09-16T13:28:27+00:00